Managed Air Power (MAP) is a new packaged option for procuring air compressors, service and spare parts.

It makes compressed air simple, and allows you to outsource to Sullair, giving you total control over your compressed air without the significant upfront capital outlay.

It allows you to save time and money by relying on Sullair’s renowned expertise. By outsourcing your compressed air needs, we install the appropriate solution and take care of all maintenance and servicing over 5 years. After this period, you have the flexibility to extend your contract, purchase the compressor outright, or end the contract.

MAP gives you the opportunity to buy compressed air on a consumption basis with a single monthly charge including usage, maintenance, and lease of the equipment.


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If your Capex is constrained or if you are looking to maximise productivity in your business, Sullair’s new Managed Air Power could be a solution.